Lunch Idea!

 Early this afternoon, I found a workout on Youtube from XHIT that looked intriguing: “Cardio Kickboxing Workout“.  So I did it through twice since it was only about eight minutes long.  Now, regularly after I work out, it is time for lunch.  If not, I eat a healthy snack something along the lines of yogurt, cottage cheese, or crackers with peanut butter or hummus; however, today I was inspired by Pinterest to try something new!

 The aftermath of this inspiration was an egg, cooked with cottage cheese, put on a plate of spinach and baby kale, then topped with craisins instead of dressing.   



 The snack was filling, delicious, and ultimately satisfying.  I know a lot of people who do not like cottage cheese, but when it is combined with an egg or two it doesn’t taste so cottage-cheesy (if that makes sense).  I use the small curd cottage cheese and for this dish, only 1/4 cup per egg.  



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